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Resident Artists


Josh Bechtel-

FMV Publishing

Author, Artist, Editor, Poet

Studio 205

bc profile.jpg

Brandon McCutcheon


Studio 203


Erin Campbell

Painter, Mixed Media Artist, Instructor

Studio 206

ron white art example.jpg

Ron White

Ceramic Artist, Charcoal Drawings, Instructor

Studio 200

mim art full.jpg

Mim Daniel-

Blue Door Atelier

Painter, Mixed Media Artist, Instructor

Studio 103

molly brown resident art ex.jpg

Molly Brown

Photographer, Ceramic Artist, Sculptor

Studio 100

toray art example.jpg

Toray Green-

HIM Cosmetics

Makeup Artist

Studio 202


Artist Looking for a Space to Create?

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Consignment Artists

Brittany Murphy
Colleen Fern
Lolli Gaggles
UnWound Studio
Nicholas Marron

Fimpsy's S.U.D.S.
Jack Hickson
Jeanne Fashempour
Lance Apple
Pooder's Lyte Candles

Dennis Lundell
Denise Lundell
Laurie Piekarski
Kevin Hudak
Gabby Risley

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