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Upon Further Review...

Opens: Fri, May 6 - Ends: Sat, June 11

An exhibition of photography that includes two very different collections. "Take a Trip With Me" and "The Puddle Puzzles Collection" will pay great rewards to the viewer that takes a deeper look at what is being presented. 

"Take a Trip with Me"

A collection of images that represents a visual diary of the cities and places visited  by the artist over the last 9 years.


"When I make these trips, I walk. A lot. I discover and photograph all of the images I encounter that catch my eye. I have walked over 250 miles in Los Angeles alone. I turn these images into the collages you see presented. Not only are they my travel diaries, but time stamps on the street art in these cities. Most of these images have been removed or renovated out of existence and these collages memorialize the works of art created by these artists. Truly one of a kind collages that can never be duplicated. My hope is to transport you and show you a very unique version of these places."

"The Puddle Puzzles Collection"

A body of work that must be seen to experience and determine the what the images behold.  The artist offers no comment on this work and invites viewers to discover the ambiguous contents.

What do you see?



Juried Exhibition

Down the Rabbit Hole

WRG 1st Annual Anniversary show. Juried exhibition. Opens June 17th.

Open call for art until June 4th.

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Solo Exhibition

At the Water's Edge

Solo exhibition by Kevin Hudak featuring abstract oil paintings.  Opens Aug 5th.




The Equinox

Solo Exhibition by Sylvia Sykes, owner of SylviaPaints, featuring paintings focusing on the concept of balance. Opens Sept 16